UK Solicitors in Stockport Start Their Own Campaign For Car Accident Safety

This week we were contacted by a firm of lawyers and solicitors in the UK who were starting up their own campaign for the banning of studded tires.  Personal Injury Solicitors Stockport are a firm of accident compensation lawyers based in the North of England, and they are looking to start up their own campaign to raise awareness of the car accidents that can occur when drivers use studded tires.

At Personal Injury Solicitors Stockport they have been championing and raising awareness of road safety for a number of years now, and have asked us if we can give them a mention on the Ban Studded Tires blog – we said of course as any way in which we can reduce car and road accidents around the world and globally is going to be a bonus.

Whilst this initiative isn’t as wide-spread in the UK, it’s already becoming more aware in the United States as you can see from this list of states who have already outlawed studded tires with recent legislation.

In the Winter months some parts of Stockport can become very stricken with snow and over the last few years there have been plenty of examples where drivers have had an accident where these types of tires have been used.

For more information on this initiative please visit their page to find out more which is on their Stockport website.  That link is: Personal Injury Solicitors Stockport – Car Accident Claims.

Visit Personal Injury Solicitors Stockport

Visit them today if you are in the UK and want to take part in the banning of studded tires or would just like more information on how this firm of personal injury solicitors in Stockport are doing their part to raise awareness of what we believe is a critical safety aspect to avoiding car accidents and car crashes in wintery conditions this year.

Want to replace your tires this year?  Read this other blog post about what you could do in order to reduce your risk of accidents whilst on the road.

Kumho Re-Start Construction on the Macon Bibb Tire Plant

kumho logoNews just in that the Kumho Tire Company based in the United States are looking to start construction again on a tire plant they had started to build in Macon.  The project was actually halted previously having started up in May of 2008.

The company has just announced that they would re-start the project this year, after it was halted due to economic conditions and the state of the global tire industry which went into a short decline around the time the project was originally conceived.

Kumho are looking to invest a massive additional two hundred million dollars in order to kick it all off again and will be looking to employ three hundred people once it’s all finished up.

Great news for the tire industry and great news for the local government who are banking on this adding a much needed financial injection into the local economy.

Overall I think things are looking up for the tire industry generally moving into 2014, especially with the recent news that Pirelli and Bridgestone would be looking to increase their range and increase production this year.