Kumho Re-Start Construction on the Macon Bibb Tire Plant

kumho logoNews just in that the Kumho Tire Company based in the United States are looking to start construction again on a tire plant they had started to build in Macon.  The project was actually halted previously having started up in May of 2008.

The company has just announced that they would re-start the project this year, after it was halted due to economic conditions and the state of the global tire industry which went into a short decline around the time the project was originally conceived.

Kumho are looking to invest a massive additional two hundred million dollars in order to kick it all off again and will be looking to employ three hundred people once it’s all finished up.

Great news for the tire industry and great news for the local government who are banking on this adding a much needed financial injection into the local economy.

Overall I think things are looking up for the tire industry generally moving into 2014, especially with the recent news that Pirelli and Bridgestone would be looking to increase their range and increase production this year.


Mavic CXR60 – New Tires and Tubes Out Now

I typically write about car wheels and tires on this blog, but am also a keen cyclist.  With that in mind, I will be posting information on the latest developments occurring in the cycling tires world.  Whilst you won’t be able to purchase any of these items from tire retailers such as Tire Rack, I would still like to share my love of cycling with you as I know a lot of the Ban Studded Tires and Tire Rack coupon website are into cycling as well.  Enjoy the blog!

Mavic Tires

Mavic Tires and Wheels for Cyclists

After the recent presentation of their CC40 tires, Mavic has a new 60mm carbon top-tire version hose wheel.  It’s a wheel that takes the CX01 technology that had emerged with the CXR80 wheel introduced last year and will certainly be less than typical clock CXR80 but still less versatile than the tires and wheels from the 35/40mm high range, especially if in a crosswind. But this wheel and tire, like the CXR80 is primarily intended for triathletes and should be a better option in windy conditions.

Although for many “purists”, a carbon clincher wheel and tire is nonsense, Mavic must meet a large demand in the area, especially on the side of triathletes, who are fond of carbon wheels and tires.  Just as the CXR80 is the entire wheel and tire that has been optimized with a seal between the tire and the rim to minimize turbulence. Whether with a headwind or side, drag and resistance were minimized.

Unlike CC40C, it is not a question of a wheel 100% carbon with an aluminum insert, but an aluminum rim with 2 Exalith treatment covered with a carbon plate. The two Exalith treatment reduces 18% braking distances on wet surfaces.


  • Deep rim 60 mm profile and CX01 profiles to unify the tire and rim
  • 16/20 spokes butted stainless steel
  • Axes rigid aluminum and large bearings
  • 1825 g pair without tire> 820 g front / rear 1005 g
  • WTS 2515 g> 1165 g front / rear 1350 g

CXR60 T – Tubular Tires

It is neither more nor less than the little sister of the CXR80 since the construction is identical, ie 100% carbon. And with respect to the tire version, the weight gain is about 180g of the pair of wheels.

Once equipped with Mavic his guts, the total weight is 2175g, a gain on the pair of 340g. This is significant for fans of weight gain.

The rest of the production meets the same criteria as CXR60 C, but the brake should be a little less effective, especially in the rain, but the wheel a little stiffer. Teams pros Garmin-Cervélo, Cofidis and Katusha are already using these wheels.


  • Deep rim 60 mm profile and CX01 profiles to unify the hose and the rim
  • 16/20 spokes butted stainless steel
  • Axes rigid aluminum and large bearings
  • 1645 g pair without tire> 730 g front / rear 915 g
  • WTS 2175 g> 995 g front / rear 1180 g

Aerodynamic Studies

You cannot run, even with the best wheel in the world, without tire / hose. And the tire / hose 85% of the end face of a wheel. This is why Mavic takes into account the tire and hose in the construction of their most aero wheels. It would damage effect of having better aerodynamics for a wheel but everything is ruined by a bad marriage with the tire / hose.

This is how it has created Mavic CX01 flaps, creating a sort of seal between the rim and the tire. The rim adopts wide 27mm to be perfectly aero with a 23mm tire section. The Yksion CXR has a very round profile making it very aerodynamic and sculptures present on the side there too many avoid turbulence.

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